SAP-Centric Webcast Series

When it comes to implementing new technology or leveraging your existing model, managing organizational change and expectations is often the most complex challenge every organization is faced with. Your technology is only as good as the users behind it, so how do you engage and motivate your employees to drive adoption and sustainability? Hear how these organizations conquered complex technology and process changes by leveraging their most important resource: their people.

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After the Consultants Leave: SAP Post-Project
Jennifer Valenzuela – Gas Work Management Solutions Manager, PG&E
Martin Martinelli – Work Management Solutions Supervisor, PG&E

What comes after an implementation? How does SAP function on a daily basis? And how do you engage users to sustain and support the technology? PG&E’s Mariner Initiative deployed several key projects between 2013 through 2016. Join this webcast to hear how PG&E built a unique and talented team to bridge the gap between technology and the business, resulting in a dependable partnership that benefited the entire organization.

Join this webcast to learn how PG&E:

  • Created a sustainable post-implementation environment
  • Developed strategic user adoption
  • Realized financial benefits by optimal use of SAP


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Master Data Quality: Bake It In
Mike Rossetti – Manager, Data Governance & Management, Plexxus
Allen Diehl – Manager, Data Governance & Management, Plexxus

Most organizations struggle to trust their master data which often contains manual entry errors and inconsistencies. At Plexxus, a leading shared services organization in Canadian health care, defining who owned master data quality and integrity was an ongoing challenge. To address this, they implemented a comprehensive and automated process of blending data quality into operational tasks and deploying data request forms through SAP validations, SharePoint workflow, Winshuttle and SAP functionality.

Join this webcast to hear the top-rated presentation from SAP-Centric Supply Chain 2017. Learn how Plexxus:

  • Improved data quality consistency, completeness and integrity
  • Reduced data request cycle time 25% to 50% reductions
  • Reduced transactional errors in pricing, unit of measure and part number


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Leveraging SAP PM & MM Integration at Fairfax Water
Jeff Smith – Business Analyst, Fairfax Water
Beth Dooley – Procurement Lead Buyer, Fairfax Water

Eight years after go-live and with new procurement leadership’s support, Fairfax Water realized that they only scratched the surface when it came to leveraging the integration between SAP Materials Management and Plant Maintenance. Get an inside look at their journey through implementations and managing companywide changes and expectations.

View this webcast to learn how Fairfax Water:

  • Streamlined a more efficient and transparent process within their current SAP system
  • Used standard SAP functionality to improve procurement
  • Drove change through relationships and solving process challenges


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Overcome Implementation Challenges with Stakeholder Engagement
Amanda Edmond – Organizational Change Management Advisor, Pembina Pipeline Corporation

During their implementation of a single consolidated solution to support standardized maintenance and inventory activities, Pembina Pipeline did something different. They involved their end users from the beginning from solution selection and development through the entire roll out. By establishing a network of super users–employees who showed a keen interest in SAP, the process and overall change–all sites had a user adoption success rate of over 80%.

Join this webcast to learn how Pembina Pipeline:

  • Built customized site implementation plans to close the gap between current and future state
  • Engage stakeholders early and involved them in the change and sustainment
  • Used this implementation and process to spur a broader cultural shift across operations

This webcast series features speakers from the upcoming SAP-Centric EAM and SAP-Centric Supply Chain conference. Hear more best practices for managing your assets and supply chain strategies at the 2018 event March 26-28 in Austin, Texas.

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