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Developing and Implementing Your Asset Management Data Strategy

Stepping Up to the Challenges When Implementing Your Asset Data Strategy. What exactly does an “Asset Data Strategy” mean to you? What would it mean to develop “your” own? And finally, what would you actually do with it?

In this 4-hour workshop we will answer these questions, and discuss how the decisions made in the past related to strategy have created carry-forward deficiencies in your EAM and SCM processes and business benefits.

Certainly your organization has said “We must plan and schedule preventive maintenance”. A strategy and a decision, right?

  • The “we must” decision is easy to say but the development and implementation of planning and scheduling is easier said than done.
  • However, we are willing to bet there are pitfalls. We are willing to bet you are still trying to get it right.
  • Are your supply processes supporting your strategic plan, or are you constantly rescheduling based on missing parts?
  • Are materials arriving in time or are squirrel stores the norm to ensure available parts?
  • Have you figured out how to transfer the long term preventive maintenance schedule into MRP to ensure effective “on time” sourcing of long lead time parts?
  • Your inventory strategies are still only “reorder point” and “order on demand”, right?

This workshop will provide the game changing insights that you need to overcome the challenges and transform your asset data strategy.

**Pre-Conference Sessions are optional and cost an additional $299. Buy a ticket to reserve your spot today. Please note that lunch will be provided for pre-conference session attendees only from 12:00- 1pm

  • Norm Poynter
    Managing Director, Asset Management Advocates
  • Joseph Grobler
    Director of Optimization Solutions, TransformNA, LP