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Johnsonville: Reducing Downtime Through Work Prioritization and Integrated Planning and Scheduling

With the lack of a robust scheduling tool in SAP, the team at Johnsonville consistently found themselves facing challenges with planning and scheduling work effectively. This included doing so without visibility to labor capacity or to production lines that were not available, while also completing certain work orders in an unprioritized way, leading to unplanned downtime when less critical work was completed first. The team determined that a system was needed that could integrate with SAP to provide this functionality and support a better maintenance process.

With a tool selected to provide great visibility and that filled the functional gaps in the desired process, a cross-functional team of operations and maintenance members worked together to design a work order weighting system that all agreed with and helped ensure that the right work is prioritized and completed helping to minimize unplanned downtime.

In this session you will learn from Johnsonville Sausage’s personal experience in:

• Creating maintenance plans for running and nonrunning maintenance operations

• Creating a work order weighting structure that can be applied to work orders to ensure the right work is being completed

• Scheduling of work orders effectively

• The need to select a software that will support the short-term and long-term needs of the organization

Key Business Benefits:

• Better able to schedule work without impacting operations

• Better prioritization of work orders, reducing unplanned downtime

• Better visibility and agreement between maintenance and operations on business process and priorities