Talking Predictive Maintenance with Ralph Rio

predThe convergence of operational technology with information technology has been a hot topic for several years at SAP-Centric EAM, and as software companies like SAP move from industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) concepts to actual IIoT products and services, this creates real opportunities for asset management strategy growth, particularly around predictive maintenance.

I talked with Ralph Rio, Vice President of Research at ARC Advisory Group, about his advice for launching a predictive maintenance program.  Ralph’s 40+ years’ experience with manufacturing and industrial applications at companies like General Electric, Digital Equipment Corp., Motorola, and Texas Instruments inform his research in the areas of Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) and Field Service Management (FSM), continuous improvement programs, and his work with Global Service Providers.

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Q&A with: Chris Metcalf, CMRP, Global Maintenance Systems Leader, DuPont Pioneer

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With a degree in industrial engineering and more than 12 years managing various SAP PM implementations, re-implementations, and system upgrades, Chris Metcalf talks about his work at DuPont Pioneer Hi-Bred. Chris spoke at SAP-Centric EAM in March 2017 on the importance of establishing sustained analytics in order to drive better decision making.

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