25 Leading Enterprise Asset Management and Supply Chain Influencers on Social Media

It’s common knowledge that in our digital era, many business operations are looking to unlock the full potential of emerging technologies so they can begin to proactively respond to consumer demands and become the frictionless businesses of the future. The enterprise asset management (EAM) and the global supply chain are two such business functions that are looking for the right way to seize the opportunities presented by digital transformation.

According to research by ASUG, 41% of respondents believe that emerging technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), or edge computing will have a significant impact on their business in the 12 months. Within EAM, 66% believe the top technology that will change their business this year are advanced dashboards and analytics. This level of interest points to a clear desire for business leaders across various industries to begin taking full advantage of digital solutions now to become forward-thinking organizations. To learn more about these business trends, see EAM and supply chain trends.

With all of the talk surrounding digital transformation, it can be difficult to keep up with the most recent developments. That’s why we compiled this list of some of the leading influencers, industry leaders, and subject matter experts on Twitter and LinkedIn who are actively engaged in online discussions at the center of innovation in EAM and supply chain. Following these influencers is an excellent starting point to help you stay on top of key news and insights.

Enterprise Asset Management Influencers

EAM is the lynchpin for maintaining operational efficiencies at asset-intensive organizations. Online discussions of EAM are happening within SAP-specific circles and within the larger conversations of IoT, predictive analytics, digital transformation, and industry 4.0. The influencers below are a mix of the thought leaders in both the niche and larger online EAM discussions.

Paul Kurchina

2020 SAP-Centric EAM & Supply Chain Speaker

Connector, Instigator, and SAP Ecosystem Accelerator at KurMeta Group

Paul Kurchina | @PaulKurchina

Paul is an information technology visionary and a leader in leveraging SAP applications and technologies to drive business value and lower TCO for capital intensive organizations. Paul is a recognized community builder and evangelist at ASUG, and he’s an EAM expert.

Dr. Achim Krüger

President EMEA, Enterprise Asset Management at Rizing

Dr. Achim Krüger | @achimkrueger

Dr. Krüger is an experienced technology expert with a background in aerospace engineering and maintenance, consulting, and software development. Achim is currently focusing on SAP enterprise asset management and is a recognized influencer in this space.

Arvind J. Singh

Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO at Utopia Inc.

Arvind J. Singh

Arvind is CEO of Utopia, a company that helps clients with their data management challenges to help them drive revenues, shred costs, and streamline operations. Arvin is influential in EAM, data management, and predictive analytics.

Dan Yarmoluk

Director of IoT and Data Science at ATEK Access Technologies

Dan Yarmoluk | @YarmolukDan

Dan creates and implements IoT automation, condition monitoring, and predictive maintenance programs with technology, analytics, and business models to support digital transformation for organizations across many industries.

Mark Pyatt

Industry Principal at Accenture

Mark Pyatt | @Acc_OpsGuy

Mark leads oil and gas enterprise transformation by identifying priorities and developing a plan for solution implementation (in Agile phases), while keeping stakeholders informed. He works with IT and operations to identify next-generation solutions to ensure that goals for improving safety and process efficiency are met and delivered as a part of the overall enterprise transformation.

Murali Shanmugham

Solutions Advisors, SAP Cloud Platform at SAP

Murali Shanmugham | @murlionline

Murali is passionate about mobile, cloud technology, the Internet of Things and SAP products. He is currently a cloud architect, helping customers adopt and use the SAP Cloud Platform to solve some of their key business challenges.

Norm Poynter

Manager Director at Asset Management Advocates

Norm Poyner | @NormPoynter

Norm Poynter has been in maintenance and reliability consulting with specialization in SAP plant maintenance for the past 20 years. Today, Norm focuses on sustainable internal organizational communities of practice. Key passions for Norm are enabling standardization, consistency, and productivity through better use of grassroots technologies like SAP.

Patrick Crampton-Thomas

2020 SAP-Centric EAM & Supply Chain Speaker

Global Head of Digital Products and Asset Management at SAP

Patrick Crampton-Thomas

Patrick is an experienced business and software industry professional specializing in the supply chain, manufacturing, R&D, procurement, and operational excellence. He has industry experience through various roles and engagements including retail, consumer products, high-tech, and discrete, process, logistics, and transportation.

Gabriele Pfaffmann

Director Solution Marketing, Asset Management at SAP

Gabriele Pfaffmann | @gpfaffmann

Gabriele is a member of the SAP Solution Marketing organization, responsible for LoB asset management (EAM). She is a senior marketing and communications professional with over 20 years of experience in B2B marketing in national and international markets.

Peter Reynolds

Research Director at Operational IT Research Group

Peter Reynolds | @PeterDReynolds

Peter Reynolds is a distinguished thought leader and strategist with a long history of practical experience in refinery automation, safety, and IT in the energy, oil, gas, pulp, and paper industries.

Maurizio Pilu

VP of Digital Innovation at Llyod’s Register Group

Maurizio Pilu | @Maurizio_Pilu

Maurizio is a technology executive with an extensive history working in the global technology field to help transform organizations with emerging technologies. Maurizio is influential in industry 4.0, digital transformation, IoT, and big data.

Matthew Easlea

2020 SAP-Centric EAM & Supply Chain Speaker

Chief Strategy Officer of Intelligent Asset Management at SAP

Matthew Easlea | @EasleaMatthew

Matthew is a technology expert who is currently responsible for the development, direction, and strategy of all intelligent asset management solutions at SAP.

Supply Chain Influencers

Alex Mortimer

Commercial and Program Director at The Supply Chain Academy

Alex Mortimer | @thealexmortimer

Alex is an award-winning businessman and a recognized influencer with a proven history in teaching business professionals how to quickly harness the best supply chain, procurement, and global trade skills at every level.

Jeff Ashcroft

VP of Business Development and General Manager in Canada at Tompkins Fulfillment Services

Jeff Ashcroft | @JeffAshcroft

Jeff is a logistics expert and recognized influencer with over 30 years of large-scale direct logistics and systems experience from the warehouse floor to boardrooms of major retail, brand, third-party logistics, and IT organizations.

Tom Raftery,

2020 SAP-Centric EAM & Supply Chain Speaker

Global VP, Futurist, and Innovation Evangelist at SAP

Tom Raftery | @TomRaftery

Tom Raftery is a global VP for SAP, an innovation evangelist, futurist, and international keynote speaker. Tom is also the host of The Digital Supply Chain podcast.

Tim McLain

2020 SAP-Centric EAM & Supply Chain Speaker

Senior Manager of Warehouse and Inventory at Incitec Pivot Limited

Tim McLain

Tim is an experienced senior manager with expertise in enterprise asset management, cost control, resource optimization, materials management, inventory management, demand management and logistics.

Martin Rowan

2020 SAP-Centric EAM & Supply Chain Speaker

Managing Partner at Reveal USA 

Martin Rowan

Martin Rowan is a senior partner in Reveal, and his primary focus is to facilitate solutions that help companies optimize their integrated supply chains to achieve a level of ERP maturity and increase profitability. He has been actively involved with local and international supply chain markets for over 20 years. His experience covers a wide variety of industries across multiple countries with specific focus on driving transformational change within the organization and the extended supply chain.

Daniel Stanton

President at Secure Marketing and Learning Author and Instructor at LinkedIn

Daniel Stanton | @Mr_Supply_Chain

Daniel is the president of Secure Marketing, a fully integrated, end-to-end supply chain security platform that incorporates nanotechnology, blockchain, and IoT. He also teaches supply chain management courses offered on LinkedIn, and he is the author of Supply Chain Management for Dummies.

Scott Luton

Founder, CEO, and Host at Supply Chain Now Radio

Scott Luton | @ScottWLuton

Scott is the founder of Supply Chain Now Radio who has worked extensively in the end-to-end supply chain industry for more than 15 years. He has appeared in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, Dice, and Quality Progress Magazine.

Tania Seary

Founder at Procurious

Tania Seary | @taniaseary

Tania is a recognized supply chain influencer who is committed to raising the profile of the procurement and supply chain professions and connecting its leaders. She is the founding chairman of Procurious, The Faculty, and The Source.

Jim Tompkins

Chairman and CEO at Tompkins Fulfillment Services

Jim Tompkins | @jimtompkins

Jim is a CEO focused on the areas of digital commerce, unichannel, and supply chain reinvention, who is helping companies connect supply chain processes with the customer journey to increase long-term profitable growth.

Bob Ferrari

Managing Director at The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group

Bob Ferrari | @bob_ferrari

Bob is an experienced supply chain manager, consultant, and technology marketing executive who helps organizations in their efforts to implement and sustain more agile and responsive global supply chain business processes and advanced technology.

Josef Faffelberger

Manager of Supply and Demand at Katun Corporation

Josef Faffelberger | @jfaffelberger

Josef is a supply chain thought leader with over a decade of experience working in the field and is influential in supply chain, logistics, procurement, network planning, and inventory management.

Jonathan Wilson

Director, Extended Supply Chain and the Internet of Things at SAP

Jonathan Wilson | @integrationer

Jonathan is a leader in digital transformation, SAP technologies, IoT, and promoting the awareness of the extended supply chain.

Gordon Donovan

Intelligent Spend Evangelist at SAP Ariba

Gordon Donovan | @gdonovan1971

Gordon is a procurement and supply chain leader with 30-plus years’ experience in establishing procurement functions, delivering enterprise-wide procurement, making the most of category management solutions, and using technology to drive improvements.

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